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Are you finding yourself longing for a deeper connection with your partner but faced with the challenge of navigating through a lack of communication, emotional distance, little to no intimacy, routine sex, and zero quality time? 

That’s where I come in.

Through my work, I empower couples to break free from patterns of disconnection and not only envision but create a revitalized relationship where love is not only rekindled but strengthened. Together, we explore strategies to reignite passion and growth, fostering a profound connection that stands the test of time.

Living in Love Coaching – CEO

the journey

My Love Story

After the end of a significant relationship and stepping into single parenthood in my early 20s, I navigated a few years of chaotic dating – wrong partners, empty hook-ups, and noncommittal relationships. All while juggling the responsibilities of parenthood and focusing on my career.

In the pursuit of genuine and unconditional love, I found myself on the wrong relationship path. That’s when I decided to hit the brakes on dating, taking a break from the emotional rollercoaster I was on.

A year later, single Julie was relishing life when my future husband walked in. Despite initially insisting on just being friends, our connection deepened over months, turning my friend into my best friend. He loved me for who I was, and I reciprocated. Cue the confetti – we’re getting married.

Before tying the knot, we embarked on a pre-marital course. It opened our eyes to the crucial aspects of life that people often overlook. Post-course, I declared to my fiancé that someday I’d create a pre-marital course – a necessity.

Fast forward 21 years, with one child and five dogs, I was ready to make that dream a reality. However, after reflection, I realized my passion extended beyond just pre-marital couples. So, I went back to school, became a trained Relationship Coach, and birthed Living in Love Coaching.


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