Who Is Julie Giovannetti?

Following the loss of a long-term relationship and later becoming a single parent/co-parent in my early 20’s, I spent the next few years haphazardly dating.  I was dating the wrong partners, empty hook-ups, noncommittal relationships, and setting for men that weren’t right for me. I was doing this while focusing on being the best parent I could be and my career.  

All I wanted was to be loved unconditionally and authentically by a partner.  I was on the wrong relationship path.  I decided to STOP dating.  I took a break from the emotional rollercoaster I was putting myself through.

Fast forward a year and single Julie was enjoying life.  Then, my future husband came into my life.  From the start of our relationship, I told him that I only wanted to be “friends”. After a few months of hanging out as much as we could, my friend became my best friend. 

He loved me for exactly who I was and I was the same.  He was my person. Cue the confetti, we are getting married.  But before we could do that, we had to take a pre-marital course.  During the course, we realized that people don’t talk about all the important aspects of life. How can that be?  After that course, I told my fiancee that someday I was going to create a pre-marital course and that it should be a requirement.

Fast forward 21 years later and I was ready to create it, however after lots of reflection, I came to the realization that singles become couples and that is where I wanted to start.  I wanted to empower women.  One year later, Living in Love Coaching was created. 

I am driven by an unwavering passion to serve and uplift my clients through love and care. Not only love with a partner but first with themselves.  I have had the deep pleasure of supporting women in transforming themselves, learning to show up authentically in their relationships, and communicating their needs to unlock their full potential in love.  Working with my clients has been a dream and I know this is what I am on earth to do.

xo, Julie

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